Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety – Final Report

The recently published report of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety (RCACQS) has emphasised that oral health is integral to the health and wellbeing of residents living in aged care facilities (RACF), as well as older Australians, more broadly.

Strong advocacy by peak organisations have included the provision of written evidence and face-to-face interview statements throughout the work of the RCACQS.

RACFs are particularly a vulnerable population and are recognised as a priority population by Australia’s National Oral Health Plan 2015-2024, under Priority Population 4 – People with additional or specialised health care needs.

  • Recommendation 19: Urgent review of the Aged Care Quality Standards, including best practice in oral care.
  • Recommendation 38: Approved providers to employ or retain allied health professionals, including an oral health practitioner.
  • Recommendation 60: Establish a Senior Dental Benefits Scheme for RACFs and eligible older Australians livings in the community.
  • Recommendation 69: To amend the Quality of Care Principles 2014 (Cth) to clarify the role and responsibilities of approved providers including the delivery of oral and dental health care.
  • Recommendation 79: Consider additional units of competency for certificate-based courses and personal care modules for aged care including oral health.
  • Recommendation 114: Immediate funding for education and training to improve the quality of care, relevant to direct care skills including oral health.

VOHA broadly supports the recommendations made by the RCACQS and looks forward to the opportunity to inform and assist in the implementation of the recommendations, subject to the federal governments’ commitment and response to the RCACQS. The full report can be found HERE.

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