VOHA Submission – Inquiry into Regional Australia

VOHA recently made a submission to the Select Committee on Regional Australia for the Inquiry into Regional Australia. The Select Committee was appointed to inquire into and report on the following Terms of Reference:

  1. Examining the effectiveness of existing regional service delivery and development programs;
  2. Examining the contribution and role of regional Australia to our national identity, economy and environment;
  3. Promoting the development of regional centres, cities, towns and districts including promoting master planning of regional communities;
  4. Promoting private investment in regional centres and regional infrastructure;
  5. Examine the key drivers for unlocking decentralisation opportunities for both the private and public sectors;
  6. Promoting the competitive advantages of regional location for businesses;
  7. Investigate the development of capital city size regional centres in strategic locations and the benefits this offers regional cities, capital cities, the Australian economy and lifestyle;
  8. Examine the potential for new developments, towns and cities to be built in regional Australia;
  9. Examining international examples of nations who have vast and productive regional areas, which are sparsely populated;
  10. Examining ways urbanisation can be re-directed to achieve more balanced regional development;
  11. Identifying the infrastructure requirements for reliable and affordable health, education, transport, telecommunications, clean energy, water and waste in a new settlement of reasonable size, located away from existing infrastructure; and
  12. Consider other measures to support the ongoing growth and sustainability of regional Australia.

A copy of VOHA’s submission can be found HERE.

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