New Waiting List data (January – June 2020)

Current waiting times for general public dental care

If you are not one of the nominated priority groups for dental care, the average wait for public dental care is can range from 20 – 35 months.

But it can be much longer if you are located in specific areas of Victoria. The below table highlights some of the longest waiting list times in Victoria.

Maryborough – 42 monthsWangaratta – 33 months
Benalla – 33 monthsDPV (Whittlesea) – 31 months
Baw Baw – 30 monthsLatrobe – 30 months
IPC Health (St Albans) – 25 monthsEast Grampians – 24 months
Albury Wodonga – 23 monthsBarwon – 23 months
Portland  – 22 monthsSeymour – 22 months

The average wait (of those with a reported waiting time) as of 30 June 2020 was more than 20 months. However VOHA has significant concerns about the backlog of care caused by the pandemic and it can be assumed that there are now many more people on the waiting lists, as well as more (recently unemployed) Victorians eligible for care. The below graph shows the estimated underemployed and unemployed population of Victoria, those of which are likely to be eligible for public dental services.

Waiting times for dentures are generally longer and are dependent on general dental care needs being met, meaning patients can often wait three years for general dental care and an additional 12 to 48 months for dentures.
VOHA believes these times are evidence of a significant inequality in Victorian health care and urges the Victorian Government to address them as a matter of priority.

You can check the waiting list times of your nearest clinic as of 30 June 2020 HERE.

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