VOHA Policy Position Statement 2020

Before the pandemic struck, VOHA had decided to focus in 2019-20 on advocating for increased access to public oral health care for adults. It was agreed that the Government had made a significant investment in children’s oral health at the November 2018 Victorian election through its promised School Dental Van Program the ‘Smile Squad’. It was accepted that this would naturally be a key focus of the Government’s next Budget too.
VOHA has subsequently agreed that, until the school vans program is established, it would continue to focus specifically on the needs of adults requiring oral health care. Waiting lists for general care for adults were still rising even before the pandemic, and the needs among eligible Victorians are obviously now even higher, much of them unmet.
VOHA has therefore now refreshed its policy position to reflect this, a copy of the new Policy Position Statement is available HERE.

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